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It's time to give a shit! 

A Masterclass to unblock your pipe...!

Masterclass - Gut picture

Is this masterclass for me? 

  • Can you empty your bowel correctly? 

  • Do you have rectal bleeding? 

  • Do you often feel tired and anxious about digestive symptoms which impact your daily life? 

  • Are you feeling bloated all the time, or do you have abdominal pain and discomfort? 

  • Do you feel frustrated and embarrassed by your situation? Sometimes it takes over your life and stops you from having a social life, or you feel embarrassed at work.

Good news! No matter which of the above is true, you're in the right place!

Here are the solutions this masterclass will bring you!

  • A better understanding of your constipation 

  • The root cause of your constipation

  • The mechanism of your constipation linked to other symptoms 

  • Review of the food that can contribute to it 

  • Tips to help to avoid it 

Watch this Masterclass: