My packages have been designed to ensure that you feel supported throughout.  We’ll be checking in weekly to review your diet diary, symptoms and progress, and with access to my ‘Better’ App, you will be able to keep in touch with me between sessions if needed. Payment plans are available.

6-week package 

This package is suitable for those who have a short term health goal and those who have a good understanding of their nutrition and need a little extra help, advice and support for their nutrition. This package is also suitable for the one that needs support to ditch the old habits

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3-month package 

This package is suitable for those struggling with ongoing symptoms and looking for a more in-depth investigation. 

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6-month package

This package is suitable for those who have a complex health concern that requires longer-term support and to help find the root cause of their health issues

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Power hour £120

 An initial consultation is offered for those looking to achieve their health goal. If you feel that you need more support, check my package above. I have a limited number of appointments for a one-off consultation.

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What clients say...

"I went to Mélanie when I was suffering badly from insomnia. Since the onset of Covid, I’ve had huge concerns for my future and a lot of general anxiety surrounding the uncertainty of our predicament. She gave me so much advice and information about nutrition and what I need to do to steer away from the bad dietary choices I’d been making. I’ve been so relieved to have made other big changes as a result of sleeping so well. A lot of my friends have noticed a huge difference in me and I have urged them all to go and see Mélanie. Amazing Mélanie, thank you so so much."


Arthur G, York  

Anxiety, Insomnia, gut issues (IBS/SIBO)  and low energy