Meet Melanie Padovani, a registered Nutritional Therapist and NLP practitioner in the UK

I’m Melanie Padovani, and it is my mission to help you with your unique health and fitness issues, especially gut health.
I will give you the tools to balance your diet with the correct nutrients and, if you so desire, will work with you to find the root cause!
I work with clients worldwide via online consultations for a simple process with great results. You can also find me on Nutritionist Resource 

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Why improve your gut health?

  • Improve your digestion: The root cause of your health problems often originates from the gut. I'm sure you've experienced symptoms such as bloating, gas, reflux, constipation, or irritable bowels. You're not alone! These are widespread symptoms, but it's not something you have to live with!


  • Gain more energy: Having the right balance of gut bacteria is important to support a healthy metabolism. It affects how we store fat, the way we balance blood glucose levels, and can even affect the hormones that can make us feel hungry or full.

  • Reduce inflammation: Joint pain and inflammation are common symptoms that may be attributed to poor gut health.

  • Improve your mood: Gut bacteria may also be responsible for chronic stress and mental health issues! They are involved in creating neurotransmitters that regulate your mood. 

  • Rebalance your hormones: If you suffer from PCOS or Endometriosis, improving your gut health may also help to reduce your symptoms by regulating your level of oestrogen hormone.

  • Improve your immunity and skin: Skin problems such as eczema, hives, acne, or psoriasis may be linked to poor gut health.

All our packages include a complimentary Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to accurately and efficiently address the specific mineral imbalances in your body

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Green Goodness

I went to Mélanie when I was suffering badly with insomnia. Since the onset of Covid I’ve had huge concerns for my future and a lot of general anxiety surrounding the uncertainty of our predicament. She gave me so much advice and information about nutrition and what I need to do to steer away from the bad dietary choices I’d been making. I’ve been so relieved to have made other big changes as a result of sleeping so well. A lot of my friends have noticed a huge difference in me and I have urged them all to go and see Mélanie. Amazing Mélanie, thank you so so much.

- Arthur G, York 

Insomnia, anxiety, low energy 

Melanie taught me how to understand the foundations of health, physiology, and dietary interventions from an expert point of view.

I feel more fuelled than ever in my personal life, more confident as I learn the right tools to control my health. Melanie also taught me how to investigate and become a critical thinker, rather than arming me with a set diet, program, or paradigm.

If you’re looking for a program that provides a clear, cohesive approach to nutrition, I really recommend Melanie.

- Emma J, London
Fatigue, stress, constipation, bloating and histamine intolerance 

Melanie has been helping me for 3 months and it’s been eye opening to learn so much about my nutrition. I was put on a restrictive diet of no sugar, wheat or lactose and Melanie helped to create a plan that I adjusted and made fit my lifestyle. I went from being in constant pain the I didn’t understand, to a pain free and much deeper understanding over the effects food was having on my body

- Tom K, London

Constant abdominal pain, constipation, candida, low energy, stress 

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