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I’m Melanie Padovani, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist based in London (Wandsworth). I’m here to help you take control of your health. I know what it feels like to have health issues that nobody understands. Throughout my life I have struggled  with digestive and skin problems and I'm now using the latest medical research to get a better understanding of your issues in order to fix them.  

You are what you eat

Many studies have concluded that most diseases are connected to the gut.

If you have gut problems, skin problems, autoimmune disease, hormones problems or any other issues, you are in the right place.

With my approach, there will be no more 'diet frustration'. 

I will improve your relationship with food without restrictions!


My advice will be specific to you and will fit into your unique lifestyle to create a positive change in every aspects of your life. 


Together we will analyse your symptoms and create a plan which combines nutrition and lifestyle to meet your health goals.

If you are ready for positive growth and success, book your free assessment call today. 

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Get back in shape in no time !

Nowadays, the fitness industry mainly focuses on weight loss and muscle tone and is mostly about how we look... But many people who eat fairly well and exercise regularly get injured frequently, struggle with weight management, have digestive issues or experience mood fluctuations and fatigue.


Health to me is defined as a state where all systems of the body function efficiently. What's missing is what keeps a body stable and efficient. We need to view our body as more than just fat and muscle ratios.


My approach to fitness is about finding a way to live in a better health state every single day. That means feeling happy, pain-free, and ready to make each day great !

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​I am a registered Nutritional Therapist with CNHC and BANT

BANT and CNHC are registered organisations which outline the parameters in which registered Nutritional Therapists operate. 


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