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14-day Health Programme  

Check our 14-day Health programme to reset your body during this difficult time - Lifestyle, recipes, health, and fitness tips to get healthier. 

Is this programme right for you? 

  • Do you struggle to fit into your clothes because of bloating?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when eating outside because of bloating? 

  • Are you obsessed with sugar or carbohydrates ?

  • Do you have difficulty to lose these extra pounds that stick to your body? 

  • Do you have difficulty to manage your anxiety and feel overwhelmed easily?

  • Have you got the necessary energy to go through your day?  

  • Does stress make you eat the whole pack of biscuits or crisp ? 

  • Do you feel that you have difficulty to plan your meals these days?  

Good news.

No matter which of the above is true, you're in the right place. 

3 words to describe this programme




We have you cover!

You think it won't work and you don't believe in these programmes? No hard feelings... Most people feel the same way about diet and lifestyle programmes. However, this one might surprise you...

We all are super busy with our lives and sometimes don't have the necessary energy to cook, or we lack inspiration, and it's easy to go for a ready meal... But with this programme, you'll get all the meal recipes that you need for 14 days. No need to be a chef to cook these easy and delicious recipes. Plus, these meals contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. And you don't need to think about your shopping list. We made it for you!

Didn't we say we got you cover? 

But it's not all... We've also added lifestyle and health tips to boost your energy and reset your inner body.

This programme will help you create healthy habits and will change your relationship with food.


After 14 days, you will:


  • Feel more energised

  • Feel lighter

  • Sleep better

  • Gain knowledge about food

  • Change your eating habits.

  • Feel great and happier 

One last thing... 

1.jpg only costs £29.99

What do you get for this price?

  • A shopping list for 2 weeks

  • 14 days sorted meal plan (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snacks and dinner)

  • Information about macronutrients

  • Exercise to get you back in shape in no time

  • 10% off on your initial Nutritional Therapy consultation

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