Why am I bloating?

Updated: May 4

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms of the gastrointestinal (Gut) disorder.

Bloating is the result of:

  • Eating too fast

Eating too fast, or not chewing our food properly causes our digestive system to be dysfunctional, and food ends up sticking around longer than it should. This will produce a gas that causes bloating

  • Constipation; when stool stays too long in the colon, it can start to ferment and create gases.

Bloating is also a symptom of many underlying diseases, such as :

  • Celiac disease

  • IBS

  • Lactose, fructose, and other carbohydrates intolerance

  • Pancreatic insufficiency

  • Gastroparesis

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Small bowel bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

  • Acute gastroenteritis

What you can do to try to minimise bloating?

1/Mindful eating:

Mindful eating is a method when you enhance your 'rest and digest mode', from the nervous system, to digest correctly. This method forces you to focus more on the food you eat and makes you more aware of every taste that the food has.

Mindful eating can be very beneficial to practice in your daily life. I will talk about it in my following blogs. So stay tuned if you want to know more.

2/Avoid drinking water during your eating :

Water is essential for us to have it, but unfortunately, when you are drinking at the same time you eat, you are lowering the PH of your stomach, which makes your stomach acid PH less acidic and not be able to break down the food properly.

3/Having a ginger tea after eating

Ginger is anti-inflammatory but also known for being a mega help in digestion and helping to avoid bloating.

4/Fennel seed

Fennel is particularly effective for bloating. Try soaking a teaspoon of fennel seeds in hot water and drinking it after every meal, or you can add it to your vegetables, or chew on the fennel seeds themselves.


Moving helps to ease bloating. If you are in a desk job, get up and walk around regularly.

You don't need to do a HIIT, walking is enough!

If you can implement these 5 tips into your lifestyle, you will see a massive difference in your bloating

Need personalised help?

If you have tried my tips and are still struggling with bloating. Book your free call and we can chat about what might be going on.

As a gut specialist, I will help you find the root cause of your bloating and help to re-establish a healthy gut.

Disclaimer: As a multilingual practitioner, you may occasionally notice some grammatical errors in my written work. If you have any questions relating to my content please do get in touch.