Face to Face

A face to face consultation in the comfort of your own home or at your work - in the greater London area


Video Call

Online video consultations via Skype, Whatsapp or Google Hangout 

I can help with

  • Stress management (Chronic stress...)

  • Thyroid support (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism...

  • Sport nutrition 

  • Weight loss and weight gain

  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes

  • Hormonal imbalances and female health (PCOS...)

  • Chronic fatigue and low energy

  • Food intolerance and allergies

  • Digestive issues (IBS, IBD...)

  • Skin conditions (acne, eczema...) 

  • Detoxification protocol 

  • Autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE...)

My approach

My approach depends on you and your symptoms. 


I'll suggest an approach that suits you best.

I'll help you regain your health and be symptoms free if you let me show you the way.

I'll use the 5R programme, a functional medicine approach to restore your gastrointestinal functions:

  1. Remove 

  2. Replace 

  3. Reinoculate

  4. Repair

  5. Retain