Food diary 



A programme made for people who need a boost in their life

Many people don’t know what it means to eat healthily and have difficulty finding a good balance between lifestyle and diet.

I will help you to find this perfect balance. 


Diet plays a big role in our life. This is why I am offering this programme to help you establish a plan that suits your needs and easy to implant in your life, to regain energy,  improve your mood, and strengthen your immune system. 

Is a food diary review right for you?​

  • You are unsure if you are eating a balanced diet

  • You are unsure what eating healthy really means

  • You have a busy life and feel stressed and tired all the time

  • You are unsure if your diet is compatible with your gym routine 

Then yes, a food diary review will definitely help you!

What will you get with this Food diary review?  

  • Assessment of your 3 days food diary 

  • A tailored plan based on your needs

  • A consultation of 75 minutes 

  • 30 minutes follow up call 

  • A mini-book of tips to improve your lifestyle 

  • You will get all the tools you need to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle

  • You will learn a new way of eating

  • Coaching to keep you motivated to achieve your goal

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