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Increase your energy, reduce your bloating, improve your life and bowel movement and create amazing digestion in this 10 weeks gut programme!

Introducing The Gut Revolution 10 weeks programme. A gentle, guided programme designed to support your body’s natural ability to improve your digestion, so you can look and feel incredible!

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You’ve struggled long enough with low energy, bloating and difficult digestion and stomach issues! It’s time to press the reset button and get back to living a life you love!


  • Boost your energy?

  • Ease your gut?

  • Beat the bloat?

  • Master your digestion?

  • And get your normal life back?

Does this sound like you?

  • Your gut takes you on a rollercoaster ride of pain before or after your meal.

  • You are wondering what happened to your energy.

  • You dread every day because of pain, bloating, and other symptoms.

  • Your bowel movement has been absent for longer than you’d wish to say.

  • Your anxiety stops you to do anything you like

  • Your fears around symptoms stop you to live the life you want 

  • You have to follow a long list of restrictive food 

If this is you, then I have to tell you... Your digestion is waaay out of being normalBut you probably didn’t need me to say it to you. I’m sure you’re well aware that things are not as they should be. You might even be questioning, “Do others feel this way?”


Unfortunately, yes! Many people are not getting the help they need and are told that this is just the way it is.  

But make no mistake, feeling irritable, bloated, fatigued and uncomfortable in your life is NOT normal. You deserve better!

And I want to help you begin to ease your gut and beat your bloat to get you feeling blissful, sexy, and full of life!



Take a peek at what the 10 weeks gut programme is all about

The 10 weeks gut programme involves simple phases 


You‘ll begin by learning how to personalise a balanced diet that will be suitable to you and your uniqueness. Then, we will discuss which food you might need to avoid that becomes too harmful for your body and are the reason for your symptoms. This phase is an essential step; you will notice great results just by starting this phase. 

We'll use proven supplements to enhance the process and ease your gut faster (e.g. digestive enzymes - ACV)

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In this phase, you will learn more about probiotics and prebiotics (list of polyphenol and natural prebiotics) and how to incorporate them into your daily life. I’ll host a fermented food workshop, show you how to make your own, and teach you the benefits for your body. Supplements will be used in this phase to support the process and ease your gut faster (e.g. probiotics, prebiotics, leaky gut powder)




In the last phase, you will learn how to keep a well-balanced diet and make these changes durable. You will also learn to care for your gut through sleep, stress management, exercise, and strengthening your immune system.  You will learn hypnosis technics, and I'll host a workshop on breathing techniques to improve your sleep.

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  • Improve your energy 

  • Stabilize your blood sugar 

  • Beat the bloat 

  • Improve your bowel movement 

  • Restore your gut function

  • Harmonize your plate with a personalised balanced diet 

  • Have the energy to last the entire day, instead of feeling the afternoon crashes and groggy mornings 

  • Have a normal bowel movement and feeling empty and satisfied 

  • Feel peaceful after each meal 

  • Just have dinner with your friends and family 

  • Not have to think of bringing your pharmacy with you on holiday or to a party 

Imagine being able to:

In each phase of this programme, you will:​

Get the gut revolution programme

The gut revolution 10 weeks programme 

Have all-day energy without caffeine or stimulants 

Don't let your pain control you anymore

Eat anything you want without the fear of bloating or having symptoms 

Reclaim the joy in your life 


Give your gut a boost and the rest it has been asking for all along. 

Giving your gut a little extra love and support that it needs 

I developed this programme based on functional medicine tried and tested methods 

I‘ve packaged up my experience from working with 1:1 clients and all the knowledge that I gain all these years 

During the 10 weeks, you will be guided on the best foods, mind-body practices and daily rituals to support your entire body. 

Exclusive bonuses 

  1. An ebook with nice and easy recipes to do

  2. 21 days of recipes (breakfast -lunch - snacks and dinner) and smoothies recipes 

  3. An ebook on how beat your bloating and acid reflux 

  4. And if you feel you need an extra support a 1:1 with me at the cost of £100 instead of £140  

  5. A guest expert to give you more support to control your pain and also your anxiety

The tools you need to succeed...

I know you are busy !

I know you just want to feel better 

And I also know that the solution to your bloat, constipation, abdominal pain, low energy and anxiety is going to require you to change some habits


Which can be intimating 


This is why I’ve designed this program to be simple to implement while also getting you results 

I want to make sure you succeed this is why I give you access to 



21-day meal plan + recipes - enjoy easy and quickest meal to prepare to save you time without compromising nutrition or taste!


Gut friendly Shopping list 

Print it out and take it to the store with you, don’t need to plan ahead of thinking about what you are going to cook 

You will get access to the record of each session 

You will be able to access video tutorials 

Daily journal 

Print out your daily journal and easy to fill out every day, you will be able to focus more on your progress and achievement 

A Facebook support group 

You will not feel alone in this adventure, you will be able to ask questions via this group

and share your plate of you like 

Enjoying a Book

Who is this 10 weeks gut programme for?

This programme is for you if you want to...

  • Significantly boost your energy

  • Have a normal bowel movement 

  • Say goodbye to sugar cravings

  • Improve your mood

  • Say bye-bye to your pregnant belly or abdominal pain 

  • Being able to eat outside again 

  • Eat a whole foods diet that doesn’t compromise taste

Frequence questions asked 

What if I’m taking prescription medicine? 

Before starting the programme a health questionnaire will ask to fill out, I would be able to see if you can be part of the programme, otherwise, I invite you to seek your health care provider regarding dietary, supplements or medication changes 

Can I continue to eat ‘junk’ food? 

I’ve created this programme, to teach you to enjoy the food that you have cooked. In the programme, you will get so many recipes that you will be so enthusiastic that you will want to try them all. I am also will give you some easy cooking tips if cooking is not your cup of tea


Are supplements or tests required?

No supplements or tests  are recommended in this programme, the supplements or tests are only recommended in personalise programme 

How long will I have access to the program? 

The programme material is yours to keep for life! The weekly videos and the workshop videos will be shared with you. 

I’ve had gut issues my entire life. Do you think this programme can help you? 

​Yes, it's never too late. This programme can help you to understand why your symptoms are there, and what might trigger them 

Is this programme right for me? 

If you have digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, diarrhoea or acid reflux for so long that even you have been told that was normal or in your head, so yes this programme is right for you. Because enough is enough and it’s time to press the button to restart and allow you to find a normal life again 

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