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Tomato Soup

6-week package: £245/ per month 

This package is suitable for those who have a short-term health goal and those who have a good understanding of their nutrition and need a little extra help, advice, and support. This package is also suitable for the one that needs support to ditch the old habits. This package is suitable for those who need to do a detox or have a single objective such as 'losing weight'. 

What is included: 
  • 1h initial consultation 

  • 5x 30 minutes call as follow up

  • A nutrition plan and supplement recommendations

  • Recipes if required

  • weekly accountability

  • Weekly symptoms review

  • Access to a client portal with a downloadable App

  • Instant messaging in App

  • Support between sessions

  • 10% off from supplements

  • My support and tips to help you to change your old habits 

  • Package offer to deliver sustainable changes that last

What to expect : 

A health questionnaire and a 7-day meal plan will be sent beforehand to get as much information about you and your lifestyle. 

A tailored plan, easy to fit into your lifestyle, will be sent based on your needs.

With the 'Better' app, you will be able to chat with me anytime and see your protocols and track your progress. 

Get in touch so we can start working together